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The Pope and the VaticanPope Benedict XVI


On most Wednesdays throughout the year, Pope Francis holds a public audience in St. Peter's Square in front of St. Peter's Basilica. Tickets are required for entrance to the Square. We can assist visitors to Rome in obtaining tickets. To request tickets to the Wednesday Papal Audience, please click here .

The Pope’s schedule through June 2016 can be found on the Vatican website, We are not able to provide tickets to other Papal events, such as Masses and Canonizations. Please note that there will not be an audience on January 6, 2016 (Epiphany), nor on February 17, March 9 or June 29.

Once you have requested your audience tickets, you must pick them up in person the day before the audience at the Santa Susanna Parish Office between 4:30 and 6:15 PM. The Papal Audiences are held on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM in St. Peter’s Square. To enter the Square, you will have to go through security first (through the colonnade on either side, as directed by the guards.) Just follow the crowds and go early! We recommend that you arrive 3 hours early in order to get a good seat. The Audience is not a Mass; it is a time for pilgrims and visitors to greet and listen to the Pope. Pictures are allowed to be taken. Religious articles will be blessed by the Pope during the Audience. It lasts about 1 ½ hours and includes prayers, singing, a brief homily, and blessings, all in different languages. DRESS appropriately (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) and don’t bring backpacks or knapsacks. If there is heavy rain, and having the audience outside is not possible, the attendees are sometimes split into two groups, one group in the Audience Hall and one group in the Basilica.

Because of the volume of requests we receive, we cannot always send you an email confirming your ticket request. If your email or fax went through, please presume that we have received your request and will put tickets aside for you. If you are concerned to re-confirm your request you can telephone us here in Rome, however this is NOT NECESSARY. And please, please, let us know if you are cancelling and do not double book with the Bishops Visitors Center. It really is not necessary.

Please click here to order tickets.

REGARDING NEWLYWED AUDIENCE TICKETS: If you would like these tickets, you will need to apply directly to the Prefect of the Papal Household, fax number (+39).06.6988.5863, and then pick them up yourselves at the Bronze Doors to the right of St. Peter’s Basilica. Please remember, however, that to receive these tickets you need to have been married in a Catholic Church eight weeks or less on the day of the audience, and you will need to prove this with an authentic Church marriage certificate. Provide them with a fax number so that they can send you the letter that will allow you to claim these tickets. They do not respond to email. And though it’s not required, it is best to wear your wedding outfits, or something similar.

The Sunday Angelus is led by the Pope in Saint Peter's Square (Piazza San Pietro) at 12 Noon. Tickets are not required.

With the exception of August, tickets are required for all papal celebrations. However we at Santa Susanna are able to provide tickets ONLY for the Wednesday General Audiences. We are not able to provide tickets for Papal Masses. ALL PAPAL AUDIENCE AND LITURGICAL CELEBRATION TICKETS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

For Mass times at the four basilicas, click on Basilicas. For Museum hours, including how to make reservations for the Scavi Tour, click on Museums. Please check all the other parts of this website to make your trip to Rome as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

The brand new Jubilee of Mercy edition of As Romans Do will be available for mailing beginning November 15, 2015. This 100-page guide to Rome, the Holy Year and the Catholic American Community of Santa Susanna is a real treasure. The Paulists currently on staff (Fr. Greg Apparcel and Fr. Steve Bossi) and the entire Santa Susanna Community are ready and willing to assist all pilgrims coming to Rome this coming year (and beyond) and to do everything to make your pilgrimage as fulfilling as possible.

This edition of As Romans Do is dedicated to all of you who seek to deepen and enrich your faith during the Holy Year. It makes many and varied recommendations for what to see and do, provides opening times and costs for museums and other places of interest, and gives an overview of the Jubilee of Mercy and what it means to be a pilgrim. We would be happy to mail you a copy of this book. Please send Fr. Greg your name and address and we will mail you a copy. (We do not have an email version.) All we ask is that you consider sending us a donation to help with postage and to support our ministry here at Santa Susanna.