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Papal Blessings:

Papal Blessings are a privilege. Many people wish to give this quite beautiful document certifying that the Holy Father has bestowed his apostolic blessing as a gift for an anniversary or birthday. Since the Holy Year the Vatican has been concerned that these blessings not become a commercial enterprise and we respect their wishes.

For those who live outside of Rome, it can be difficult to acquire a Papal Blessing, and we very much regret that we can no longer provide this service.

You can contact the Papal Office directly for a blessing (Apostolic Blessings Office of Papal Charities, 00120 Vatican City): fax +39.06.69883132), though it will take much longer. For other information, go to

Please Note: The Vatican has recently changed its requirements for the issuance of Papal Blessings. The following updated information is provided for your convenience:

-- For weddings, the full name of the bride, with her maiden name, and the full name of the groom, along with the name of the Catholic church, city and state, where the ceremony will take place and the date of wedding must be provided;

-- For First Communions and Confirmations, the full name of the recipient, the name of the church, city and state, and the date of the reception of the sacrament must be provided;

-- For wedding anniversaries, the couple's first names, e.g., John and Joan Doe, must be provided; a blessing will not be issued in the name of a "Mr. and Mrs," e.g., "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe."

Sometimes the blessings can be arranged in a short time. However there are often delays due to the number of requests or at holiday times when work slows down and/or the offices are closed. There are also spelling errors which are common with Italian calligraphers. You will need to allow a minimum of 2 months, if not longer