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Tour Santa Susanna

Please enjoy this Virtual tour of Santa Susanna.

If you visit our church, you can take the actual tour every Sunday following the 10:30 AM Mass!

The Church of Santa SusannaThe facade or front of the building was designed by the famous Roman architect, Carlo Maderno (1556-1629). This was Maderno’s first commission in Rome, as he had worked as an assistant to his uncle Domenico Fontana, the chief architect of Pope Sixtus V. When in 1592, Fontana left Rome, driven out of the city by the new pope, Clement VIII, Maderno sought to work on his own. Maderno would design the great carved ceiling of Santa Susanna and the facade. The facade, completed in 1603, was considered revolutionary by art historians. It creates both a false sense of height and depth and is completely proportional. Something past church architects in Rome were unable to achieve. The result was so dramatic that in 1605 Pope Paul V named Maderno architect of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Maderno would complete the nave and construct the great facade of Saint Peters.

Do not let this 17th century masterpiece of church architecture fool you. The church itself is actually much older, in fact it is one of the oldest Christian sites in Rome. The present facade is the third or fourth front to grace this ancient church!

Let's step inside to see the frescos!

Church Interior